TamilPad - Type Tamil the way you speak

TamilPad is a Tamil wordprocessor (typing tool) that makes typing in Tamil very easy. It has 300 Truetype fonts. Text can be typed and taken to any software.


Type in Tamil Easily

Typing in Tamil can be very difficult for someone who is not trained on the typing layouts. TamilPad makes typing in Tamil a piece of cake in Windows. Thanks to its revolutionary typing 'Type as you speak' layout, you will be typing in Tamil in no time.

Carry the text to any application

Type in TamilPad and copy the text into any Windows application. You can style the text there and make any document. Just use simple Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) commands to transport Tamil text.

Includes 100 Fonts

With over 100 Tamil Fonts, you will have all the variety in typefaces that you need to style your documents.


Easy to Use

Don't waste hours learning Tamil typing. TamilPad's innovative layout allows you to type the way you speak. You will be typing with speed in the first hour itself.

Familiar Interface

TamilPad's interface is modeled on popular word processors. You won't have to learn anything new to start using TamilPad.


TamilPad can make bi-lingual documents with combination of Tamil and English. All with a single click of the mouse.

Send E-mails in Tamil

With TamilPad you can send Emails in Tamil to your family and friends. TamilPad sends the mail using Outlook Express or any other MAPI compliant Email client, this means you don't need to do any complex server settings.

Universal Compatibility

Take your files to any Windows based software, be it a wordprocessor, presentation, page designing or multimedia software. Just copy and paste text, or import TamilPad files in your favorite software.

100 Tamil Fonts

With over 100 Tamil Fonts, TamilPad gives you the widest variety of font designs to choose from. Lets you make your documents look distinctive and stylish.

TamilPad Window
TamilPad typing layout

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