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Numerology is the ancient science of discovering how numbers influence your life. Through Numerology you can learn what numbers have an impact on you, and how you can channelise it.


All your numbers analyzed

Numerology Explorer gives you an in-depth numerological analysis of all the numbers that influence your life in an easy-to-understand, clear language.

See How Your Numbers Vibe

Do your numbers vibe well with each other? Find out how the numbers work with each other to make you the person that you are.

Do you have a lucky name?

To give you maximum luck, your name number should vibe well with your birth number. You can use the Name analysis tool to find out if your name is suitable for you or not.

Available in Multiple Language

Available in English and Hindi.


All the numbers in your life

Numerology Explorer goes beyond the basic name and birth number. It gives you a comprehensive number analysis of almost every number and combination that influences your life.

Beautiful layouts & printouts

Beautifully laid out reports are a treat to the eyes. The comprehensive report can be printed too. It's a great gift for your friends and associates.

Quick Reference Screens

If you are a numerology enthusiast, Numerology Explorer will give you quick access to the important numbers governing your life quickly. You don't need to calculate anything.

Covers all spheres of life

Numerology Explorer's report covers all the spheres of life, right from career to education, from personal to professional. You will find insights on everything.

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