Living Room Designs - Great looking furniture designs for your living room

Do you want to renovate your Living Room in a great new style that soothes you and makes you happy every time you look at it? This design pack has great samples.


Huge Collection

Living Room Designs has a huge collection of designs for sofas, chairs, side-tables, and all other fixtures and furnitures for your living room. Start browsing and you will surely find something that you would love to see in your home.

Ideal for designers and homemakers

Give your clients lots of designs to choose from, or if you are a homemaker then browse through all the exciting designs to find the new look for your home or office.

Software Browser

The on-CD browser gives you easy access to all the designs that are grouped in easy-to-access categories. You can locate your favourite design easily.

Print your design

Use the print feature of Living Room Designs to print your favourite design and show it to your furniter designer or carpenter to turn it into reality.

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