The Most Popular Lal-Kitab Astrology Software

Lal Kitab is a shootoff from Vedic astrology but with radically different principals and interpretation of charts. Lal Kitab Explorer is the most popular software based on Lal Kitab.


Complete Lal Kitab Astrology

Lal Kitab is a unique approach to astrology which is very different from traditional Vedic astrology even though it derives from Vedic Astrology. Lal Kitab Explorer gives you the full set of Lal Kitab calculations and predictions.

Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab is known for its wonderful remedies. Using Lal Kitab Explorer you can find what are the weak spots in your Horoscope and also discover the remedies prescribed for them in Lal Kitab.

These Jyotish remedies are very easy to perform and are also low-cost.

Lal Kitab Yearly Horsocope

Lal Kitab also has a unique system of astrology for yearly horoscopes. Lal Kitab Explorer will give you the analysis for your year and will also tell you about remedies that you can use to make your year better.


Available in 7 Languages (English, Hindi, Bangla, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Oriya)


Complete Lal Kitab Astrology

Lal Kitab Explorer is the most authentic software on Lal Kitab Astrology. It has: -

  • Detailed Natal Lal Kitab Horoscope
  • Lal Kitab Varshaphala
  • Lal Kitab Remedies, charts, and detailed analysis

Detailed Analysis

The most comprehensive set of predictions. Lal Kitab Explorer offers you detailed analysis of: -

  • Birth Chart Analysis
  • Position of Planets in Houses.
  • Your Lal Kitab Kundali type and its analysis.
  • Your Lal Kitab Kundali type and its analysis.
  • Your Lal Kitab Kundali type and its analysis.
  • Comprehensive Remedies for all planets, and negative effects in your Lal Kitab Kundli.

Exclusive Features

Some of the features of Lal Kitab Explorer can't be found in software 5 times as expensive. Our exclusive features include

  • Comprehensive Planet-wise analysis.
  • Analysis of Rinas, Kundali Types, etc.
  • Gemstone, Rudraksh analysis
  • Complete Remedy Analysis for your chart

Complete Charts

Lal Kitab Explorer has the full set of charts that you can use in your astrological analysis and research.

Palmistry Analysis

A holistic analysis of your palm lines as per the planetary positions in Lal Kitab so you can compare and relate.

100% Easy to use

Lal Kitab Explorer is extremely simple to use. You will be generating horoscopes within minutes. There is no need to spend hours just trying to learn the software.

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