Learn to Speak Better English Today

Learn to speak fluent English through this innovative Spoken English course that focuses on getting you to practise speaking. It is custom-made for India, for the English that is spoken in India and by Indians.


Lot of Content

With hours of interactive video and audio, Cafe English is the complete English learning software that can teach you all that you need to know to speak in English in a number of different situations.

English Learning for India

Cafe English is the only English learning software that is designed for Indians from the ground up. You will find Indian people, Indian situations and will learn to speak English the way it is spoken in offices, malls, restaurants of India.

Cafe English Makes YOU Speak

You can't learn to speak a language without speaking it. That's why books fail at teaching spoken English. Cafe English is designed to have maximum involvement from the user. You'll be speaking English with Cafe English.

Many Activities

Cafe English has a variety of interactive exercises that will keep you involved and entertained. Learning a new skill was never so much fun.


Listen, Record & Compare

Languages can be learnt by listening and speaking. With Cafe English you can record your own voice and compare it with the the correct pronunciation.

Real Life Situations

Cafe English helps you communicate better in everyday situations through 40 great chapters that help you improve your vocabulary.

Easy to use interface

Point-and-click interface totally eliminates the keyboard and make the software easy to use even by beginners.

Almost endless practice

Thanks to the huge amount of content you will never find Cafe English repetitive. Even if you do the chapters again and again.

Animated Assistant

Divya - Your own animated personal assistant takes you around the software and tell you how to use it so that you can get the max out of it.

Designed For India

Cafe English has Indian situations. It helps you improve your vocabulary, teaches you key phrases, and removes hesitation.

Speech Recognition

With Cafe English you can train yourself to speak better with special speech recognition technology.

Focus on Speaking

Languages are learnt by speaking them. Speak better English by doing exercises with your voice . You will be making progress faster then ever.

Learning for everybody

Anyone can use Cafe English. Whether you are a businessman, an executive, a college-student or even a housewife.

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